Looking for Call component disconnect feature

Hi, I have been looking for a facility in call component to disconnect the call.
Is there any way to disconnect an ongoing call by any means of trigger? Actually I am developing an auto call app which will make one call and after sometime it need to be disconnect the the call to make the next call.

Hello Manotosh

Google have recently introduced new security measures to stop that kind of App behaviour because there have been so many malicious Apps. In the EU and UK there are regulations concerning auto calling too.

So, you have some hurdles to jump, which may or may not be jumpable. Tell us exactly what your App is for.

Data base have those columns
Consumer id, outstanding dues, phone number.

Now I have to make call to every body from this data base and tell them for payment. So after complete the operation I have to disconnect the call and again make next call.

Everything I have figured out except the call disconnect part.
Is there any solution?

And who will talk to them? You or the app? When you finish talking, you press hang up on the phone and the conversation is over. Then press the Next button and it will connect to the next number from the database. The application did not know when to disconnect automatically.

No there will be some recorded voice which will be played by the app and then the process will be continued.autocall.txt (2.2 KB) this is my python code and trying to implement this in my app

Well, that behaviour is strictly banned in the UK and EU (unsolicited calls, cold calls, nuisance calls). In the UK, there are heavy fines for the individual callers and company. Google will most likely block your App within the Play Store for those regions.

I can tell you that it's highly unusual to use a phone for this, most companies will be operating from a PC because that's where their related software such as accounting will be.

To solve your issue, you are going to need an extension that can disconnect. If you go through the library of extensions on Taifun's website, you will either find one that performs the exact task or is related to telephony and you can request an enhancement by the developer.