Looking for an extension "Picture on the background of the inscription"

Looking for an extension "Picture on the background of the inscription", or a picture with an inscription?
I need an image to be installed on the background of the inscription. Help me find the extension. Search on App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps ?
Maybe I'm not entering the query correctly?

Can you please elaborate... what is the inscription?

Yes. Certainly. I need a background image for text.

Well, if we, for example, create a horizontal layout, in the properties we can select a background image.
There is no such property as a background image for an inscription. There is a button under it, but not one under the inscription.

You could do this with a canvas ?

I haven't tried this. But it seems to me that any text has its own space. And it would be great to be able to style it.
Just set the background for the text. CANVAS, in my opinion, will overload the system if there are a lot of inscriptions of the same type, and under all the inscriptions there is a canvas for each...
How productive is this?

Or a button....

Yes. perhaps you are right. Thank you.

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