Looking for a wake lock

Hi Taifun

I am looking for a wake lock for one of my apps (keep CPU and/or display on - bright or dimmed; at the moment I use the Android app “Wakelock v3”).
Evan told me that you developed an extension that does this.

Would you mind sharing it with me? I will not redistribute or publish it - I would just use if for one of my apps.

Thanks in advance!

Best greetings

you can find the KeepScreenOn method in the tools extension

As long as this window is visible to the user, keep the device's screen turned on and bright.
Note: If the screen of the device is on, this will obviously drain battery of your device! Please use this method wisely! You might want to use this method together with the Settings extension to adjust the brightness of the screen.


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Thank you very much, Taifun - works perfectly!

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