Login system as login: tags. And passwords:value of the tag in firebase

im trying to make a login system that reads tags and their values to make two lists with the tags as logins and their values as passwords, after, when the user clicks on login, the app will compare if the index of login is the same of the password, but for some reason it just don't read the values of the tags and give them as empty strings. Can anyone help me pls?

Not sure this will work:


You set the tag value for passwords to the taglist of the logins ?
Where are your passwords in relation to the logins?
Why are you appending to a list, as opposed to just setting the variable value (which is a list)?

these are the logins followed by their respective passwords
2022-10-24 (3)

and i go reapair this detail

Get logins taglist
If your login is in taglist
Get value for login tag
When got value, if value = password
Logged in

oh this is simpler than i thought, this go help thanks :slight_smile:

Also you can try on another simple approach.

When user enter his user name in login details call the tag value (user enter login value).

If the user name exists then it will return the value, if the value matches with user entered password then proceed next

If the enter user name is not matches then it will return empty string . So now you can compile into simple logic as below.

When Login Button1 clicked
Call firebase get value tag(username textbox)

When firebase got value
If get value is empty
Then Alert (wrong username )
Else If get value is not equal to {user entered pwd text}
Then Alert {wrong password}
Else Alert {Login successful} also add your logic then

Also this will save your Firebase consumption data too. Simple but efficient


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