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Its Login screen. List tag is txtemail, My password is stored in 4th column in clouddb , its Registration done from another screen. "When Clouddb taglist procedure" works. It's failing in " when clouddb . got value " . Modify the "cdb got value" procedure . How do we call the password .

You do not show how you set the login/password values in the tag ?

Didn't understand, its just a copy paste code from this site. What's login , pass tag . Cdb has 4 columns, 4th column is password, first column is txtemail , email verify is working , but it retrieves all 4 columns in password procedure . How to extract password field.
Below is cdb add screeen. Can I have the blocks for 4th column of a particular row.

looks like you are storing value (user's data) under the tag (user email),
so it's not necessary to get all tags list when registry. You just need to get the value of this email. if the value exist, then this email name already registed, if not exist, then store the data.

to get the forth item of a list, use

when login, if the value list is empty, that means this user did not registry. if not empty, then check item 4 same with pass or not.

How will you compare it with text in txtpass . Which other blocks should I add in your block. Cdb data is created using another screen. What should I add in list notch , I will add 4 in index notch.

reg and login blocks with clouddb:


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Hi, your new block will work , I tried your block posted few weeks or months ago, but u gave only few block hints during that time.
Too much of confusion in red color compare block, blue color math " < > = " block etc, @TIMAI2 has used green compare block.

Kevin , ty, it works

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Could you please stop posting the same thing over and over again and then deleting it.

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