Login for multiple accounts using TinyDB

I've been trying to create this login page for multiple accounts using tinyDB but for some reason only 1 account can be made and I have 0 clue on how to have different accounts with different set of items to add (my program needs to get not only a password but also their names -it's a mockup store and their phone numbers)

If anyone can help me I truly appreciate your time and efforts.

Well, if you call to ClearTag you will remove all the data stored previously for that tag.

Then, the way to add an item into a list stored in tinyDB is: first read the list from tinyDB, add the item to the list, store again the list in tinyDB (wit the same tag.

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Here's a scheme to save multiple people, with names, identification, and phone in TinyDB, using absolutely no lists.

The trick is to use TinyDB Namespaces for every tag/value.




TinyDB_no_lists.aia (3.6 KB)

Each TinyDB instance maps a user name into a single user attribute:

  • password
  • identification
  • phone

Here are the blocks for a combined signin, new user creation, and phone number update:


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You guys are awesome I can't thank you enough. I wish all of you the best :heart: !

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