Login Error using firebase

I need help creating my registration and login.
When my registration has a value of 2, for which user and pass does it work?
However, when I add more information, I am unable to log in. Could you please assist me? and explain for my future reference.

login :

db data :


first one cannot log in
2nd and 3rd are good.
thank you

Looks like you are assigning a list to your user tag. if this is the case, and the value for "pass" will always be the first item, then select index 1 from the value when it is returned. if "pass" is not always the first item, then you will need to iterate over the returned list and find the value for "pass".

Please kindly guide me or provide me information on how to index the data in my database.

It is already indexed!


a is at index 1, b at index 2, c at index 3


["b",true] is at index 2, true is at index 2 of ["b",true]

Thank you @TIMAI2 For this information, could you also provide a sample in block? I tried, but it seems my block code is not sufficient.

You may want to consider changing your approach:


Bear in mind this example is with firebase rules set to "read":true,"write":true

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This is not what I'm looking for, but it gives me an idea for a better and more professional way of storing data because of your information. Thanks a lot, brother!

Why am I getting an error when my apps do an autologin upon loading my screen? It is because of my compare action? Or what is the cause? I can't remove the compare data value. I want to compare it and use it as my application updater for my latest version. Any help is much appreciated. I attached my file if you can check it and explain the error to me.

TrashBin.aia (1.4 MB)

Start by moving your compare blocks to the gotValue block

You do not need an else in your first if condition in the gotValue block

Check your method for switching screens

The recommended method of switching screens in App Inventor
(Thanks Taifun)
Also see demo: multiscreen.aia

You may also have login and update notifications firing off at the same time. Do one, then the other.

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I really appreciate it. Could you please let me know how to access the link? Is there any way that when a button is clicked, the website Google will open in Google Chrome? I tried searching, and I found WebViewer1 and ActivityStarter1, but these weren't providing as expected.

Not sure what your latest question has to do with the topic? Please explain what you are trying to do. What link?

Apologize it was mistake question, i was thinking activityStarter not working after retry seems that i was used wrong block, i used showmessagebox instead of showchoosebox. Thank you akin @TIMAI2 for your great help. :innocent:

@TIMAI2 Please assist me in determining the value of the user's selected language.



You do not show what data you are calling from firebase?

@TIMAI2 I want to know the language of the user stored in my database.

I ask again. if you are not calling the language data back from firebase, how can you select and display it ?

Sorry, I didn't get you clearly; however, my understanding is that you are asking me the call function, which I provide as per the marks in the images. If this is not what you mean, please kindly elaborate.

Let me try again

What are you calling in your Firebase getValue block, and what is the raw response ?

I'm getting "not found" Response from May Firebase

Show us the FireBase GetValue block that you use to request the user language.