Login com firebase (Salvo em listas)

Good night people!

I'm making a registration and login screen app with firebase.
It saves in the list so far so good.
Problem occurs when I try to sign in,
I'm trying to search for the index username and password, has anyone done something similar? I think my login logic must be wrong

The valueIfNotThere socket should be a create empty list block

in your test after gotValue
set textbox txt_nome should be value index 1

No other reason I can see that would stop it working.

That said, I will assume you are in early stages of development, because you are returning the password to the app and displaying it, you should be testing that it matches the entered password.


really you should be using firebase logins and security rules.

Thanks for the answer,
I tried to adjust as you said but it didn't work: / the problem is that I can't find content for that.

: /