Logging in, checking the login and blocking data overwriting in the firebase

Hi there.
I've been playing with the MIT App Invertor for a while. A few months ago I had an idea to make an application for work that would make it easier sometimes. Several hundred people would use the application. Therefore, I decided to make multiple login so that everyone had their account and no unauthorized person could see them there. Everything was fine until you need to extract the login from firebase to check if the login does not exist so that the account would not be duplicated and the password was not changed. All login and registration take place on one screen. Initially, I tried with one database, but I could not pull out the tag to check (I had no idea how to do it) because one command was already with the extraction of data for logging in. I thought that during registration that the data should be saved simultaneously on two databases and then I will pull the tag from the other one, but there are also some resistance here because the app won't let me go. I thought that the registration could be done in two stages, first, after pressing the Check button, the application should check in firebase2 whether such a login exists and either unlock the possibility of registration or provide information that such a login exists and you need to choose another one (the screen shot from this stage is).

Maybe some of you will be able to catch what I am doing wrong or where I made a mistake.

Why aren't you using Firebase Authentication, then all these problems just "go away" ?

I read about it, but my point is that I should have control over who uses the application and that I should give access to everyone separately. The application may contain "company-sensitive" materials, and third parties do not need to have access to them. And if I understood correctly https://ai2.metricrat.co.uk/guides/registration-login-with-firebase-authentication then there is no such option here.

  1. You don't have to use the method linked, you can simply assign/setup users yourself in the console, thus not providing any method for others to sign up.
  2. You can use firebase rules to restrict access to any part or parts of the data as you wish. It is recommended to create a list or lists of the users uids which can then be applied to rules.
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So you can also do that there? I suggested with the description and pictures that there is no such option there. Thanks, I will try to work with it in my free time.

You could also create an admin app, in which you can sign up users, if you use their real email addresses then you could automatically send them a verification email to connect up with. With "hundreds" of people, you want to make life as easy as possible for "you" !!