Log in with google family link


I just created a new google accout for our child (10+) so that he can log in to App Inventor.
The problem is that the site (appinventor) refuses to let you log in with an account that is managed with family link.

Conversely there does not seem to be any other login option here than with a google account.

Any help?

Try using the code server instead:


You can use a code (which you must remember and keep safe) to login in, without using a google account

Yes, thank you.

That seems for now to be the only viable solution.
(sadly these days google does bear more resemblance to a bureaucracy than to a developer)

but we also have to protect the little ones :wink:

Although I do not know why the family link does not work with AI2 ?

maybe google does have its own plans concerning childhood coding sites. (competition?)

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You are right
But google can place restrictions for them like in YouTube

I think so
But you can create an account when you are 13

App Inventor does not "refuse to let you log in with an account that is managed by family link." This is controlled from Google's end. You should be able to allow App Inventor using these instructions from Google: https://support.google.com/families/answer/7087030?hl=en

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