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Hi everyone, its me again. I already give up how to do the log in and sign up in tinydb storage... can anyone help me solve this?? i want to make the sign up check exists username but it doesnt work, so, i delete it. I cannot log in into the main app, Its like the register and log in is a dummy program. Help

MoneyManager6.aia (148.4 KB)

Will multiple people be using the same app on the same device?

i dont think so...

Then why do you need a sign in ? Presumably the device user will have some security on their device ?

my idea is when user want to create account, the username will not be the same as other user. the sign in and log in is requirement that i need for my project.

You could try this:

or just search the community for login tinydb, there are plenty of examples

i want to make log in and sign up at the different screen, but when i tried to log in at the second screen, the data wont read. i already connect the tinydb

MoneyManager6 (1).aia (148.3 KB)

I have a doubt in your case,
If you are storing the users in an online database like Firebase RTDB, then it's okay that you need the logic, but if you are only storing the users in the tiny-DB and you know that multiple users won't be using the application from the same device then you can just use any username I guess, no need of uniqueness.

I have rethought the approach and decided not to add the feature since the app are using a different device for user management. However, I'm currently facing an issue with syncing the sign-up and login screens. Despite my research, I keep finding solutions that combine both screens into one, but I need them to be on separate screens. Could you provide any guidance or resources to help with this?

See, to be Frank I do also support using same screen with different arrangements to make the whole Sign up and Login system, because of the following reasons:

  1. The system can be made more easier in a single screen then making more complex by using 2 or more screens

  2. Adding more screens make App Inventor load heavily and also it increases your applications size

its kinda weird to have log in and register at the same screen. i found tutorial at Utube but when i follow the instruction, i cant log in into my app

It's not wired actually it's confusing you because two different tasks are being implemented in the same screen
Check these maybe these can help you out!

i already tried the second video, but its doesnt work.

now im trying to follow this references but i still cannot log in into the app...frustrating

and this is my progress
MoneyManager6 (2).aia (149.0 KB)

Try this:

you only need to store the username like tags, and the password like value. then you check in the Tag lists if the user already exist before to signup.

Make sure to clean your tinyDB before to do a new text (maybe you can place a temporal button, with the ClearAll block and remove it once your app is working)

For login:

Only check if the username is in the tag list and if exists, if its value (password stored) matches with the input.

And maybe you need to change your screens....the Screen1 should be the one that gives you the signup/login option. From there go to one or another screen (signup or login) and once registered / logged in go to the application screen


i dont know whats wrong with me, but i cant find or block

what blocks you are not able to find?

i cant find this block

That is the same than your OR block...but shown in a different way


This is the same:


Thank you soooo muchhh for helping me, hope you have an amazing day than everrr

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