Locking and unlocking using a App Inventor and ESP 8266

I have programming a lock/unlock software who can lock and unlock using ESP 8266, and a sensor. You can see in images the blocks and interface.
But, the error 1109 appears in the screen and i can´t solve this...
Can anyone help me?

(edit) Travar: Lock


Interesting - Error 1109: Unable to decode the XML text: %s

Seems unrelated to the code you show here. Are you saying the App works as expected, except for the error message being displayed?

Tip: Next time you post an image of Code Blocks, right-click in the Blocks work area and select "download blocks as image". This produces a superior image of the Blocks only that we can read clearly.

Can you give us more information vitor?

Chris, i put the ESP8266 ip as URL(as you see in first printscreen) and it will control the lock sensor... This code is similar to codes whom will turn the LED on and turn the LED off

Code similar

You never answered my original question though: