LocationSensor Accuracy

Hi, I'm trying to use LocationSensor on my app but with Android 13 the accuracy stuck at 100. If I disable location tracking from my smartphone setting and then enable, accuracy settles at reasonable levels but quickly rise to 100 again. Can you help me please?
With iOS it works fine.
I'm using the GPSAccuracyLogger.aia from https://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/ai2/location-sensor

perhaps see Location accuracy sometimes poor (half a mile out) on new phone



The link about the serious bug looks interesting but I can't access it: "Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."

Any ideas?

Thanks - Michael

That link was taken from the powerusers group
Here is an example project... let us know, how it works for you... to get better gps results, test outside ...
GPSsimple_2_Taifun.aia (13.1 KB)


It's several months since I was playing with my app which used GPS and haven't got time to return to it now. I ended up with three versions of my app. I seemed to have a choice of a version where the accuracy was usually very good (<5m) but occasionally very inaccurate (half a mile off), and another version where the the accuracy was within about 50m but without the very big errors.

But I am curious to know what the "serious bug" is that the powerusers link (that I can't access) refers to.