Location sensor ?

hello, I need help, I downloaded the app and it doesn't work, it shows me error 908 ? , I'm using a location sensor


I'm sorry, I made the application in mit and downloaded the mit application from Google Play, but when I also put it in the qr code, it is set, but then the error 908 keeps popping up, what should I do? Thank you

Access_fine_location error

Use the AskForPermission method from the Screen drawer and ask for the missing permission

thank you like this? but what I'm doing doesn't work?

  • You probably have more issues than a permission problem.
  • You created a complex app using LocationSensor; SpeechRecognizer; TextToSpeech; Map and are surprised it doesn't work. I am not. Looking at the code you shared I see many places where you might get into trouble. Is this all the code in your Project?

Have you built a basic app using the LocationSensor and Map as a separate Project? Does it work as expected? Does it have a permission issue too? Do you link the LocationSensor to the Map component?

You expect the SpeechRecognizer to recognize certain phrases, many of these use diacritical marks. Phrases using diacritical marks will not work if your device is set to use English. Have you tested the SpeechRercognizer part of the app separately to establish that it works to recognize these phrases?

What operating system are you using? Android 11 and 12 require special treatment.

You didn't show a LocationSensor1.LocationChanged Block. On some operating systems just using this block supplies the required permissions.

I suggest you build parts of your app and test them separately and see how they work. When they work; put the pieces together.