Location Sensor

this is my block, but when i use the listpicker and click one of the locations it will go to my current locations not that one that i choose, how do i do this?

Welcome Wahid.

When you want to pick a location using ListPicker either disable the LocationSensor or remove the PanTo Block from the LocationChanged Block. Either option should allow display a map of the location you picked instead of your present location.

Your LocationChanged is presently telling your app to display your current location.

Disable or remove and tell us whether the listpicker now works as you planned. :cry:

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yes, i got it know. thank you so much

i have another questions, when the user click one of the locations at the listpicker, i want it show a line for navigations for the user? how can i do it?

The Navigate will work as soon as MIT updates App Inventor to nb197, until then you have to use the test server for navigate to work Navigation module doesn't seem to be working for the last few days - #19 by SteveJG

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