Location Sensor Strange Behaviour

Hi, locationChanged works only if I open an other app like a mapApp for trekking which always ask to gps the coordinates. Otherwise I can't get anything. Is there a way to force to ask to gps coordinates? Thanks

I expect you may be testing inside and not moving around. This is typical when Google' fused Provider is in use. Go for a walk or a ride and you will see your LocationChanged does work.

Yes. Set Provider to gps and LockProvider.

Can you please explein better this?

I tried also outside and sometimes I get nothing, sometimes strange and rapid changes in gps coordinates.

Not right now but this might help you GPS with Android 12 - #31 by d_Taraoa

Have you read Using the Location Sensor / Reading the section on Accuracy might explain behavior. An explanation of what you mean by 'strange and rapid changes in gps coordinates.' No one can see what is happening on your device but you. You might wish to post an image of your app's Blocks.