Location Sensor on iPad

The LocationSensor.CurrentAddress block doesn't seem to work when testing on an iPad. It works when getting the longitude and latitude values but when I try to test getting the address, it says "No Address Available".

Please show us how you're trying to achieve this (your relevant blocks).


It is fine when tested with an Android phone. but show No Address available when tested with an iPad

Android Phone

Thank you

Correct. CurrentAddress does not work when requested on ios yet MIT is aware of the problem.

In its current design it cannot work on iOS. The problem is that the getter property block is a synchronous operation, but resolving the address based on lat/long requires making an asynchronous call to CoreLocation that then returns a response some time in the future on the main thread. If we were to pause the main thread so that the blocks appear to be running synchronously we could never receive the response from CoreLocation (a deadlock).

We will need introduce a new method/event pair to represent the potentially asynchronous behavior.