Location Sensor No Address Found (needed to determine which US state the Android is located in)

I am using the location sensor address feature in my project in order to get the U.S state of the user. However, this feature is unable to get the current address of the user. Instead, I get: "No address found". I am not sure what settings you need to enable in the Android device in order for this feature to get the current address of the user. Ultimately, all I need is the state of the user but I do not think that there is really any other way to automatically get this information. I am also open to other solutions which do not include using the location sensor address feature.

Here is a tutorial Jay HOW TO: Parse a LocationSensor's Current Address by SteveJG

There are multiple reasons why a user might not be able to get a street address. The information might be blocked in some countries, frequently an address is Not Available in rural areas (what is the address of a cotton field?) or in large cities without defined street information. Sometimes no address because the GPS fix is insufficient to provide that information or the device is not connected to the Internet. To use CurrentAddress, the device must have a network or WIFI connection. The CurrentAddress LocationSensor blocks ONLY work if your device is connected with WIFI or a Mobil Network because the LocationSensor must access an online Google database .

A second way is to the use the MIT Map component and an geojson FeatureCollection of the USA states . Use the Map Polygon to determine whether the Android is within or outside a particular state boundary.


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