Location sensor Is not working

These are the components:
Location Sensor1

The code is as follows:
[When Button1.click]
|do [set (Marker1).Latitude to {{Sensor1.Latitude]
|[set (Marker1).Longitude to {{Sensor1.Longitude]
| [Call (Map1).PanTo]
| | Latitude{{Sensor1.Latitude]
| | Longitude{{Sensor1.Longitude]
| | Zoom{{ 5 ]
------------------------------------------------------ ---------]

And it is showing me i live in the middle of the sea near Africa. And i don't live there. I tried everything from Allowing app Locations to Replacing the Sensor 1

Please Help

Yes, it sometimes shows my location there too. It might take a while for the LocationSensor to load. If the LocationSensor is still loading, it will return values of 0, 0, and No location available for Latitude, Longitude and CurrentAddress respectively.


This is a map of the co-ordinates (0, 0).

I posted a similar question before. Try reading this post.

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