Location sensor doesn't refresh

Hi there.

I'm working on an app that takes location data and light data and puts it together. I've been having this problem where the location data only updates when location services are switched off and on again. I've attached my blocks below. The idea is that every 10 seconds the device takes light and location data and saves it so its a problem if I record 80 measurements and the app all puts them in the same location coordinates which it refuses to update. I hope you can help me with this. Oh and please ignore the incorrect screen switching, I'll change that one of these days.


how did you set the timer interval of the location sensor?
did you test your app outside together with a good GPS signal?
what is the purpose of Clock2?
are you aware, that after a while the device goes to sleep and then no locaton data will be stored anymore? you can fix that using a keep screen on method, for example from the tools extension https://puravidaapps.com/tools.php


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10 seconds is possibly too ambitious. Is it really necessary to record such a short time interval? Let's ignore your goal for now and try a much longer time interval - at least 2 minutes. We should then know if there is an issue with the code/device or the time interval. I recommend you make a very basic test app to do this task and this task alone.

Thanks for your reply. I've set the clock interval to 10000 ms in both the screen.initialize and the designer. Location sensor is set to 0 seconds and 0 meters intervals. I've extensively tested the app outside with good gps signals. I am also aware of the device sleep state and I made sure my device did not fall to sleep.

10 seconds will be necessary for this project and I'm convinced this should not be a problem (Thinking of other apps like Google maps).

Other than that I'll see if I have time to experiment with a new app focusing on this task and maybe I'll come to a different conclusion.

Thanks for your reply!