Local time text from android to device over Bluetooth

I am displaying local time on APP in a text block.

When I send the text over BT I am not really seeing what I expected.

I was hoping to receive a single byte representing a number.

for instance for 24 hours 'H'' I would receive 0x24 byte in hex.

Should I be saving the text called from the timer to a text variable before sending over BT?
or something else I'm doing wrong here?
maybe I'm trying to send ASCI text codes instead?

I appreciate these kinds of questions are asked many times regarding the timer but I couldn't find this actual question. my apologies in advance if this has already been answered before.

H range is 0 to 23, according to

Also 0x24 = 2*16 + 4 = 32+4 = 36, a very long day.

By choosing date and time formats wisely, you can set up a text string with everything you need, at set offsets, arranged in chronological order like 20231227.

Working exclusively in text should be easier to debug.

yes , my mistake , I should have said 0x17 hex or 23 dec in my question !!

I worked it out...

The app using my blocks in pic above sends 1 ASCI code byte per text character and not the byte value of the number. so you don't get 1 byte of 0x17 value for say 23 hours.

so for 22 hours ( my current time ) you get 2 bytes of 0x32 , 0x32 value.
0x32 is the ASCI hex code value for 2.

I'm using C in my firmware , so maybe I can use int atoi(const char *str) to decode the text into numbers I can use.
unless there is a simple way to extract the numbers in App Inventor?

Maybe that's bad idea since years or day of week etc would be hard to represent in 1 byte.