Loading HTML file from iOS caused error (on ios but not Android)

I was loading html file using "http://localhost/viewport.html" and it runs okay on Android,
but on iOS it cause this error. How do I fix this?

Hmm. That should be working. If you export your project and send it to me in a private message I can run a debug build of App Inventor for iOS and see if there are any specific reasons for the error message.

I've messaged you with the .aia file. Thanks a lot!

I think I have come with a fix on our end. I will see about squeezing it into the next iOS release.

Great, thanks!

BTW, I'm having trouble to make the Javascript MQTT.js work without using any Extension.

I was able to use PahoMQTT extension, but it only work on Android, not iOS. It was because iOS App does not allow using Extension.

Do you know any existing working MQTT.js examples for this purpose?