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Is there any extensions to show a loader image as a gif file while the app is loading because some of my apps are big and when it is loading its ugly so in order to hide the unpleasant part i want a loader, if anyone would create this extension and give me the file it would be very helpful,

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You don't need an extension to do this, just a timer, a gif and a webviewer. However try searching Taifun's extension list for some options


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THANKS, can i put a gif in the image component?

Sorry, the image component does not support gif files. Your alternative is to "fake" the gif by using many jpg or png files in quick succession (using a clock timer). Otherwise, as previously mentioned, use a webviewer.


You can use Lottie to show animation.

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Thanks, my problem has been solved

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You mark yourself as solution, but how solved?

sorry, it was a mistake and i changed it.

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