Load a (large) file into a list


I have a list of words in a file, one per line. I want to load this into a list.

I can use “list from csv table”, but each word is loaded as a list of one item (so for example [“abacus”]).

“list from csv row” doesn’t work because the data isn’t in a row.

The list is too long to convert item by item to the format I want (abacus).

Help please!

Split at \n

list from csv table

Considering the double quotes, this might work better:
peel peel_test
The peel blocks are draggable directly into your Blocks Editor.

Here is how to convert entries on a spreadsheet to a csv, then use that csv to create your List.

  1. Post your elements in a spreadsheet like OpenOffice using your computer.
  2. Export your data as a csv file to your computer desktop; most spreadsheets have that capability.
  3. Compy the csv file to Media
  4. In your Blocks, create two variables, perhaps called theCSV and theListFromCSV
  5. In the app, load the csv from Media into theCSV variable as text
  6. In the app, set theListFromCSV to list from csv table theCSV

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Thanks everyone.

Steve - I may have misled you. The list is already in csv format - I meant the list is too long to individually “peel” the items to a new list in AI2.

In the end ABG’s “split at \n” worked a treat. :slight_smile:


Thanks for telling us!

I should add that the list was nearly 400,000 items long!

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With a list of about 200 items, individually querying a single line from a Google Spreadsheet worked alright. But for 200+ individuals items, perhaps querying a spreadsheet for a different file type of each item.