Live Streaming?

I am wondering if I can make a live streaming app. I know it can be done for audio streams. I am asking specifically for live video streams.


Tell us the details!

Well I already have the live audio stream working, and now I am wondering if it can also work for audio/video live streams. I am using this extension...

Streaming of what, from where (a live news broadcast, a show, a movie, a sports broadcast, a nature-watch broadcast etc)?

Is this just for your own use or is your App going to be distributed?

Has the developer of the extension made an example project file?

It is a Live Facebook video feed. Its for the masses. Here is the URL:

So you could use a WebView for Plyr, which would be built into an HTML page, no extension required. I note that they say it is for modern browsers but I don't know what they mean other than HTML5.

The extension you have is from Kodular?

It's basically for the internet and doesn't necessarily have an advantage over the Android Player supported by App Inventor, nor is it specifically for streaming -but why don't you just try it?

Yes, thank you for your input on this matter. I will try and see what happens. One is a live audio stream and the 2nd one is a live video/audio stream. I will update once I have tested it. :slight_smile:

Hello Dude; I am wondering if this post is still being monitored. Can I please ask a favour of you? The link where to download the "Plyr" extension and screenshots of the player.



Thank you very much for that quick response. I am interested in the audio player (Plyr), not the video. Is it the same as having both the video and audio components?

[Update] Never mind: I read through the features, and it supports audio. I will test it out. Thanks

Thank you! I am new and learning how the build apps. Any chance that I can see a live audio sample block with the Plyr?

Hello Fred

Experiment in a test Project to get to understand the Extension. If you think you have got it right but there is an issue, post your blocks here* and describe the issue in detail.

*Right-mouse in the Blocks work area and select "Download Blocks as image".

I see you are now asking on the Kodular community, this will dilute your efforts to get an answer, and we may close this topic....

Seems you did not read the link I provided in full, there are several examples of blocks further down the topic.

Sorry and my apologies. I see examples of the video option, and I tried replacing the Youtube link with my audio stream, which is not doing anything. And as I said, I am a novice in this area and do lots of research and readings before I post a question. Examples help me, and I again thank you for that link. I will continue trying.


Chris, Thanks. I am now starting from scratch again. I will once I have something that looks like it will work.

I don't understand the hostility towards Kodular after all a merger is happening as we speak between AI2 and Kodular.

No hostility towards Kodular, in fact the opposite. The OP was receiving answers on this community to their question, then started asking the same question on Kodular. As moderators we may well save everyone's time by keeping the conversation in one place. It is not about Kodular, the OP could have been asking anywhere...

However, if the OP was developing on Kodular, then it can be difficult to provide answers on this community if they are having problems with Kodular specific blocks / coding, which we do not have, hence we may close down such cross posts, or ask the user to ask their question on the correct community.

This is community moderation.

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ok I will remove