Literally can't retrieve data from lists stored in TinyDB

Hello Everybody,
At some point of my app, I create a list containing three kind of data: color, hex color code, and hue value (the hex code and the hue value are correctly generated by the app elsewhere). Finally I store the list in TinyDB with a tag (say "cstm_1").

when I'm finally trying to retrieve them, with the following code...

I get an error message saying this:

the first argument is shown as if it weren't a list. But I made a little experiment, bypassing the "select list item" block, refreshed everything, tried again, and I rather can see clearly that TinyDB actually contains lists

I can't find a reason for this. Any Idea?

More context is needed, to see what was in those global variables.

( suspect a list was coerced into a string somewhere along the way.)

Use the Do It facility to show us?

I'm not sure what the Do It facility is

Thanks @ABG
I'm going to study this and let you know as soon as I'll have some test with it

use Do it to debug your blocks, see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
see also Live Development, Testing, and Debugging Tools

Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

I finally found that the if cycle under the x>y condition was not correct. Basically it implements a bubble sort algoritm, but it was swapping single values, not lists. I didn't paid too much attention to this, because the cycle is supposed to begin after fetching x and y from lists. But believe it or not, after fixing the piece of code at the bottom, the one at the top worked fine too. The following is the working one

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