Listviewer Tricky

Hi all,

Kindly, I need to help me to complete my project because I can’t find the tricky point to read any selected .csv which is in asset to view it in Webviewer.

Maybe you can explain what you have tried, and show your blocks.
We do not like to do your homework for you, but some hints should be ok.
Cheers, Ghica.

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Hi Ghica,
Thank you for replying.

The Idea is:
I have One Main ListView that contains only Main Titles I put them in file called Category.csv. When I select any one of the Titles. It show up the second ListView and I put them in file called lessons.csv which contains:
First Column :Main Title
Second Column: Texts
Third Column : Links

For example:

When I select lesson 1 that is in first Listviewer it show up second Listviewer and then select 3.csv then it read the text after called from asset.