Listviewer remove "()" with spreadsheet

i want to remove the "()" that show on listview
what should i do
thank you


Use a for each item in list block, and the join items using separator in each item in the list of lists coming back from the google sheet, and build a new list with this.

like this ? i cant add the block"join items useing separator list"

Like so ?

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wow it's work thank you so much tim :heart:

may i ask one more other question
it's possible to make a function
when i go next line in textbox
send the first line data to google sheet
then clear first line
if it possible please tell me about what to need

Try Taifun's Textbox extension, and use the Listener for Enter pressed

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ty tim i will try to work on it

[edit] Note: the Enter Pressed Listener in the textbox extension does not work with multiline textboxes....

uh..actually i have a real barcode scanner item with bluetooth connect phone
i'm try to make a page when i go in the page
every time the scanner scanned it will send to google sheet without pressing a button
and i'm thinking how to do this

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