Listviewer Help

Hey Community!
I am working with clouddb and list viewer.
Listviewer is used to display clouddb values which were uploaded as (.appendvaluetolist)
And it displays the value correctly. All fine till here. :+1:t2:
But when the values are more than what listviewer’s height is, as a new value comes the list viewer automatically scrolls up to the first element. How to get rid of this problem?
(I think this explanation is enough on behalf of blocks. I will upload if you want me to…)

Thank You!

you means you want the list view to display the latest data above

The latest data would be at the bottom but the list viewer should always be scrolled to the bottom.

oooh i see :thinking: like whatsapp right

As suggested you could use the reverse list block so that the latest item is at the top…

Oh...That means I have to do that only

instead of

If that is the only way,
Thank you
@TIMAI2 and @Salman_Dev

You’re welcome