Listview to sheet

I need to send data from a app listview to a spreadsheet

What data, what spreadsheet ?

I created a barcode reader that feeds a listview, I need to feed a spreadsheet, this way it feeds everything in one line, I would like to feed line below line

Google Forms posts data to the sheet in a row.

It is conventional to post data records to rows, if you transpose the data it may make it more difficult to access / query the data.

But it can be done, if you use a google apps script web app.

As I have already created this app using a form and imagining that it would be possible to send the data in a spreadsheet format, will I have to redo the entire code structure to use Scipt?

You could try with an onEdit function using apps script in the spreadsheet, but if I remember correctly the onEdit function usually requires human interaction on the spreadsheet for it to work.

You might also look at these resources:

ok, thank you, I will redo the process.

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