Listview Single selection wont work

Hello there,
if got an Problem with ListView. I cant just choose ONE thing in the List, the App will allways take "all" items.

i tried my best but could not solve the problem.

And can someone explain how i get the actual date in the app?

the App is in German, if something is unreadeble just tell me

Tannenbaeume.aia (35.9 KB)

It is easier to help you if you just post an image of your blocks.

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Instead of this:

Use this:

Works like a charm. Thank you!

But where was my mistake, i mean, what happend and why did my way dosent work?

It would work if you used "list to csv row" instead of "list to csv table". But the easiest and least blocky solutions are the best.


Because there was no need to convert a list to a csv table, then to strip that csv table of all its quotes, making it just a string that was perhaps not acceptable to the listview.


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