ListView Simbols and order

Hello everyone, I'm new to this, I'm practicing with an app that includes a TinyDB, when I want to see the DB data in a ListView the information appears together and with symbols ()(), it is possible to see it in the ListView without the symbols and in order?
Alvania, Tirana, 4566, nil
Argentina, Buenos Aires, 7678, no
Australia, Camberra, 78987, yes


Show please the blocks you used for populating the database.

Seems you have a list of lists in a single tag? To display your data as you have requested, you can do this:


Try this.



I like YAML format for my Element list items.

Search this board for YAML.

Hi Everyone,
patel,: see attached blocks.
Timai2: the list is from a tinyDB and will change according to what I enter into it.
Gordon_Lu: I have tried your form, unfortunately it shows me the elements of the tinyDB separated by "," but all in continuous form and between parentheses (see Screnshot).

ABG: Thanks, I will try YAML, I let know how it going.

Blocks to populate DB:

I have replicated that in the blocks that I showed, which is why my blocks work as you requested.

Ok, let me try this way.

You rigth Timai2, this way work perfect.
Thank you very much for your help. And thank you all for the effort. You guys are a great community!

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