ListView - Replace list item problem


I’m actually trying to create a to do list with images on the side of my text.
The text works good but once I try to replace the image on the side, it also change the text because of my text box.

On this screenshot, you can see I removed the mainText, what can I do to keep the text I first entered and only change the image on the side ?
I guess I need to put a label that can keep my text but I don’t know which one it is.

Hope you understand what I mean!
Thanks for your help !

Use this block to get the mainText of the selection listview element

component_method (1)

Hey, thanks for your answer.

What should I insert in « listElement » now ?

If I remember correctly...


Hey, thanks.

Is it working if I only want to keep the original title of my item I first entered via text box and an add button, I only want to replace the image by clicking on an image via an hidden menu, but once I click on the button it also replace the text because I’ve put an empty text.

Tried but not working...
As you can see on my screenshot, mainText is set to empty text, so it erase the title of my task.
What I'd like to achieve is that I can replace the image and keep the original text I've entered
Is it possible ?

This ?


No, sorry I'm expressing myself badly.

So as you can see I have a text box on the top and I use it to enter any task I want.
Then once I click on the add button, it adds it on the list and it comes with the paw icon, like the one that says "cool"
So what I'd like to achieve is keep the "Cool" text and only replace the paw by the carrot icon, only by touching the carrot icon we can see, like I did for the first task but it changed the text by nothing because I have an empty text set.

How could I achieve that ?

Just as I had shown. You may need to modify the blocks to suit your needs, but the replacement block contents retains the main and detail texts of the original (selected) listview element.

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Alright, now it's working !! Thank you so much!!

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