LISTVIEW on iOS Companion crashing when making font changes

FYI, when using a LISTVIEW with the iOS companion, I get the screen flashing/strobing repeatedly and a Runtime Error. It started happening when I made changes to the fonts used (FontSizeDetail, FontTypeface, FontTypefaceDetail, etc.)


CODE BEING USED(works in emulator and on Android tablets):

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The FontSizeDetail property was added in nb187, which was an Android release to add some new features and address API changes in Android 11. We still need to implement these features for iOS. You can double check the compatibility report here for an overview of what is/isn't available yet on iOS.

Edit: I should note that this feature is only available in Android companion version 2.61 as well. If you were to use an older version of the Android companion you would get a similar issue as you see for iOS.

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