ListView makes app crash

My app uses a few "nested" ListView blocks where making one selection opens a second ListView with more options as so on. I've been dealing with some strange behavior and assumed it was it was my fault. But take a look at this simple set of blocks that crashes the apps. The app exits with no warnings or errors, it just disappears when you select "A" from ListViewLetters.


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Export your .aia file and upload it here.

Just tested this and can confirm the crash with companion....

lvCrash.aia (1.9 KB)

Thanks TIMAI2, you beat me to it!

Based on the other weirdness I've seen, it seems like once I get two or more ListViews in the mix, the app blocks get 'confused' about which instance it's working with.

I believe it is to do with the recent introduction of the ability to visibly "set" the selection/selectionIndex of an item on a listview ( I could be wrong though....) We still have the issue of every 4th or more item being selected after first selection as well.

We are hoping to release a refactored ListView this summer. I will test with this aia today to see how it behaves.

There's definitely an issue here involving the SelectionIndex. I'm examining.

This seems to be resolved with the upcoming ListView update.

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Thank you @Susan_Lane :+1:

Thanks for the update!

It that new ListView available to try before the official release? This bug has put a halt to my project.

I think in a few days you will try the new ListView on the official server.

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