Listview items to labels

Hello, I am a beginner and I am trying to make a small app to track the food we give each day to poor people (I work for a small organization). I watched a youtube tutorial to do so. I can save and delete to and from a tinydb where I input people names and show in listview . I am trying to show the names from the listview to labels. I have tried a couple of methods but I cant seem to do this properly. I have probably made a few mistakes in the process. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
dat55.aia (10.0 KB)

Your problem might be in knowing the number of items in your list, to have the same number of labels available. There are dynamic component extensions you can use to generate new labels as you need them.

Alternatively, you can show all entries in the list in just one label, using the list separator block and \n as the delimiter.

Thanks. I will try the methods you mentioned.

The Spreadsheet component is good for tracking things like that.