Listview inside Horizontal Arrangement does not work

I wanted to create watering zone, duration and frequency chart. When I have 3 listviews (one for each column) inside Horizontal Arrangement (regular or scrollable), there is no display. If I bring the listviews outside of Horizontal Arrangement (so they are one below the other), the same code works. I was reading a file with comma separated data and displaying the read record using listview. I was testing using the AI companion to test code.

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See this example, noting the height of the listviews - which must ALWAYS be "higher" than the containing vertical scroll arrangement

multiLV.aia (1.2 KB)

Also see here for automatic height expansion

METRIC RAT AI2 - Automatically Expand Listview Height in Scrolling Arrangement.

You could just use one Listview and a YAML layout approach