Listview index not calculatoring correctly

Good day,

Any advise please.
I have a listview, when selecting an item, the app will read from a google sheet and the listview item and google sheet info will be plus or minus together and updated on the google sheet.

This works perfectly until I have more than one item on the listview.
Then calculation is totally wrong.

Any advise what can be the cause?

Thank you in advance

Explain what you mean by this? What are you doing in your blocks after selecting an item in the listview?

Okay, sorry.. let me try and explain better.

It is like a stock trade app, where you select stock from listview 1 (googlesheet) and that stock goes onto a user private listview (Listview 2).
Due to user selected a stock, that stock value went up to what it was when user selected.

now user wants to sell stock because shows profit, meaning I need to minus the value from listview 1 (googlesheet) with users listview stock.

Gold= 1$ (user stock- Listview 2)
Gold = 5$ (Google sheet - Listview 1)

$5 - $1= $4

$4 must get updated on google sheet next to Gold.

This works perfectly if user only has 1 stock item (Gold) but as soon as it has 2 stock items (gold and silver) the calculation does not sum correctly.
Sometimes doubles the amount or minus incorrectly

(Canned Reply: ABG- Export & Upload .aia)
Export your .aia file and upload it here.

Also show us the url to browse the sheet

I found my mistake, I have been selecting the wrong label all the time.
My Labels naming was to similar.

Thank you for trying to help

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