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Good morning guys, I’m trying to create a holy bible app using a listview, but I didn’t find any model app in the gallery, I would like to distribute the full text of the bible in books, chapters and verses, but the lists would have to be made verses by instead, which would take several years to create, I would like to know if there is something easier to do, dividing the text, not using the comma, because it causes the wrong division in Listview.

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Hi J,

What format is the Bible text in now?

You could simply copy and paste each book, chapter and verse into word pad then save each as a simple text file, by book name, chapter name and verse name.

Then use list view to load the text file corresponding to the user selection.

That would be much faster than crating custom made typed files.

I’m sure there are lots of sources on line where you can download the Bible already in simple text format.

Maybe even already in separate text files for you, which would be real fast and easy to do.


You need to find an online text version of The Holy Bible in the version and language you want, then you should be able to break this out into books, chapters and verses for viewing in lists using code.

Hi all, any success in creating the Bible app? i am new here and have the idea to create the Bible in my local language, any ideas to share will be appreciated pls. thanks

Almost what you want might already be translated in your 'local' language (which is?). Google it might provide a source.

An English version of the Bible is available in text or html format from The King James Version of the Bible | Project Gutenberg which is in the public domain in the USA The King James Version of the Bible | Project Gutenberg .

An app can be made using text or an html version of the Bible. Here is an English html version:

made by loading html files into Media (Assets) and reading them from an index html. What is possible depends on whether you can find an html version translated to your 'local' language; whether the translation is copyrighted or in the public domain; and how the index to the html references individual html files and what information they contain.

Almost all the Block code is
bibleIndex with lots of html files loaded in Media. :cry:

A text version that could be broken down to Lists would be more difficult to code. An html version is already difficult enough in my opinion.

Good luck.

You might try this source

Thank you for the response, i have the local translation files to use, i will find a way to create the app with MIT