Listview Help in scrolling down

I want to see the last portion of listview. Is it possible to do so?

I dont want to reverse it
without reversing how to scroll down to the last section of listview automatically

Explain better what you want to do... Possibly i can help you.

You will probably need to use Colin Tree's excellent Scroll Handler extension.
Put the listview inside a vertical scrolling arrangement.



scrollbottom.aia (27.4 KB)

You may need to play around with the multiplier - set to 65 in the aia

so, is he giving it as open-source?

Many users have reported that the extension can't handle two finger touches so here is an alternative:

but first,is the collin"s extention open-soure

No, it's not.

i downloaded it. its free right,you try

@TIMAI2 its free right. it is like if you want you can donate ,like that right?

I think you are confused between free and open-source.
Do a google search to learn more about both.

so I cant use it?

Is extension developer stopping you from using it?
It seems you are not aware of the basics of App Inventor.

no, i think its free but not sure thats why asked
can you check if it ok to use it for free

it works well,no one stopped,i downloaded from its website itself,so this means its ok right?

@TIMAI2 , if you are there, I think you know if I could use it. Can you say

Ok, so I can use it in app,tq