Listview (- GoogleSheet) priority sorting

HI friends,

i really need help in my project.

I've created an inventory system, using qr code scanning, with database recorded in google sheets.

my problem is, I'm using listview to view the data, but through scanning qr code, it displays all the data from google sheets, and I want to let the value of the qr code being scanned to be displayed in the top of the list.

hope you can help me. thank you

Will the reverse list block do it ?

If you are calling data from a spreadsheet using the CSV method, then try to use SQL query with that. * WHERE A = 'QR_VALUE'

Note that,
A is the column containing all QR Values
Sheet1 is the default sheet name. Change these values accordingly.

For more, you can read this post I created on Niotron community.

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thank you for your response, i will try this.