ListView GetImageName block

I am trying something a little different that may not even be possible, and came across something I cannot figure out.


No matter what I try I cannot find a block to fit in this section. I am trying what makes sense to me, the ListView Selection block for example but nope..

I am trying to use the ListView create element block in a way that it probably wasn't intended, but if it works it solves a problem for me. I am wanting to store a number in the imageName section of the CreateElement block. It was designed to store the filename of the image uploaded, so why cant that image name be a number..

Once clicked/selected on the list, I am trying to retrieve that number and if I can get the GetImageName block to work, then Bob's your uncle.. I am done. Only I cant figure out how to use the block.

I'm just trying to be creative here..


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ohh.. I feel a little silly. I didn't think of that. I mean it IS a list afterall..

Thank you.

..and for the record, I am able to retrieve the number that I was storing. This is really going to help me out.

Evidently you can store regular text in that field.

This is not what I am doing but a retailer could create a list if items that they were selling, display them.. the user could click on the item in the list and then the app can use that number as an index and pull additional data, prices, availability ..etc .. and this field is NOT displayed in the original list. :slight_smile:

Also you can use it combined with selection index

Please show how you are doing this.....

(I see it stores this, but does not display it in the listview, is that what you are saying?)


I hope you don't sue me, @Juan_Antonio? :wink:


@Anke, yes I get that :slight_smile:

But if you

you get a list using the image slot as a text field


Do It Result: [{"Text1":"main one","Text2":"detail one","Image":"1"}, {"Text1":"main three","Text2":"detail three","Image":"3"}]


You can also add a longer list to the listview if you wish to store other values

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Here is how I am using it..


The Main text and the Detail text both display in the ListViewer as expected. The ImageName does not display at all (which is what I prefer in my case) and does contain a numeric value that can be called using the GetImageName block. I imagine it does not display as there is no image uploaded with the same name.. but I also get no error from this. I like it.