ListView - display items in a separate window

Can anyone advise?
I have a ListView on the left side of the screen. After clicking, I want to display 7 items from the relevant list linked to the listview, so that the listview is preserved. How can this be done? I don't have as much space in the right part of the screen for that display. Is it possible to partially cover it? Which component to use?

You could use a sidebar or popup extension instead of a listview ?

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You could temporarily reduce the .Width of the ListView after a Selection, exposing more of whatever shares the Horizontal Arrangement holding that ListView.

Include a Back button to reverse the Width adjustment.

If this loses your place in the ListView, alternatively consider a html Notifier popup with tag:value pairs on different lines.

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Well thank you !!!

Why not have the short list above or below the long one Ondrej?

Or perhaps make the two screens virtual, one virtual screen for each list, toggle or tab between the two?