Listview Cannot Use filter bar

When i use filter bar on Listview its End Application ,This proplem its happend just afew day, In Previously it work Completely

Welcome to community. It is a known bug related to the latest update. I believe you can work in without problems since is working with previous version targeting Android SDK: 29 (Android 10.0)


Same problem here.

Unfortunately, there's no fix for this issue. We will need to wait until the next patch/bug fix.

關於 清單顯示器 中的 搜尋框 透過方塊 設定搜尋框的文字

就是 清單顯示器 有個屬性 是顯示搜尋框

而搜尋框內的文字 能不能增加一個 程式方塊的方法 "設.顯示搜尋框.文字 為";

原因是當 用程式方塊 顯示搜尋框 並輸入文字之後
在用 程式方塊 隱藏搜尋框 的時候,如果 搜尋框 裡面還有文字的話

那當 搜尋框 用程式方塊 隱藏搜尋 之後,清單的內容就不會全部列出來

Is this an Open Source Development question or a problem with the new ListView component?

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download offline version and import your (.aia) project.
still filter bar is working on offline version of MIT App Inventor.

Obviously, it's running a way older version.

Release nb188 is available for test at
It fixes ListView search problems.

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