ListView Bug Which Causes Flashing

Whenever I make a listView with a list of data and use the ai companion on my iPhone, it starts to make epileptic flashes, which hurts my eyes. It also doesn't show the listView at all.

Please show your relevant blocks, or an AIA file. To download the AIA file of your project, go to Projects > Export selected project (aia) to my computer.

yes_copy1.aia (6.9 MB)

screen1 btw

I tested it and the problem can only be seen on my Ipad. My Android phone displays it without flickering.
When i remove all your blocks i get an error message.


I am wondering if the iOs companion is causing the error because it is not completely up to date.

I tested a new project with just a listview with values a,b,c and got the same error.



I just redownloaded the MIT app companion and the same bug is happening, weird.

The issue is that you are using a property in your project that is not yet supported in the iOS version. Based on the error, your ListView has data in its ListData designer property. You should switch to using the ElementsFromString property instead, which is compatible with the iOS version.