ListView - AfterPicking

How to ensure that after ListView1.AfterPicking the list does not scroll to the top but remains on the searched item?

Don't refresh the listview

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I have no refreshment anywhere ...
And it can't be done like this:

  1. I remember the item in the ListView on which the focus is ...
  2. I will use this item to display the necessary data in the adjacent horizontal space ...
  3. In ListView, I will display it from the memorized item ...
    What would be the order for the 3rd point?

You must be working with some other issue. Selecting an item in the listview does not make the listview scroll to the top when using the afterPicking event. Is your companion app up to date (2.62)?

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You do one thing. However you will be adding elements from procedure or from a list (make this as procedure) so after picking clear the list and once again call the screen init block.

So after picking, then list will be cleared and once again procedure loads the data so it will go to the top)

Well, I don't want the list to get to the top. I want it to remain the same as it was at the time of selection ....


if so, instead of using default search block, try with custom search box..