ListView AfterPicking

nella mia app ho una ListView.AfterPicking a cui vorrei collegare due eventi; ad esempio con l'evento click..cancello l'elemento selezionato..mentre con l'evento Long Click..apro il browser, ricercando l'elemento selezionato. Sarebbe possibile farlo?

Yes, but you can only do one thing in the / have one in the AfterPicking event. You may need to offer the choice of the two events in the Afterpicking event, then offer the options for each of those events, if I understand you correctly...

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Si..hai capito benissimo.

...... the long click can trigger Android's copy-paste window pop-up :thinking:

You could display a Notifier on After Pick, offering the User the choice of Delete or Browse, but it is very unusual to have an either-or of these two actions.

You might instead have Browser Launch by default, with an option to instead delete List entries (I would have that as a separate Virtual Screen, 'Manage List').


Move it like this and try,

ChrisWard hai proprio ragione, come ho fatto a non pensarci prima :smirk:


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