Listview afterpicking not triggered

I found a bug with the listview. The afterpicking event is not triggered when i a have a short text as mainText in a list item and i click on the right side of the text.
I have column config:
image | mainText.

I'm also wondering if there is a way to detect if the list item is clicked on the image or the text.

I was unable to replicate your problem in Screen1 of my attached .aia
listviewWithDynamicData.aia (113.0 KB)

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

Are you sure, the above picture is from listview? If so can you share us your blocks? @Paul

I mean when i click on an empty part of the listitem. When i click on the text it works fine.

I fixed it, I have the listview in a horizontal arangement, I have set the width of the horizontal arrangement to 'fill parent' now and now it's working as expected.
Just would like it when the afterpicking listener knows if I clicked on the image part or the text part, so I can do something else when the text is clicked, like editing the text instead of setting the listitem to 'done' .

You could have two images, one for check box and one for empty text box . When listview after picking replace image. You could even check images in order to check-uncheck from list


blocks - 2022-05-20T084040.975

listview_check.aia (4.7 KB)

For example see

@dora_paz i have that, but i would like that when I click on the text part I can do another thing like edit the text.

After picking you can use a choose Dialog notifier to choose between edit or change status. See example

listview_check.aia (4.7 KB)

Thank you for your Quick replies.
Yes i know, but i want as few clicks as possible. I am going to try Sumit's custom listview, that has swipe and i think a clickable image option.

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You can try it but it is not fully compatible with MIT App Inventor I believe. See developer's reply in [FREE] Custom List View - An Extension for making Image and text list view with a lot of customization - #185 by Hellgiss - Extensions - Kodular Community

Thanks, i'll keep that in mind.

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You can make your own ListView without extensions, using blocks, in one of two ways:

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