Lists and variables

I have 10 lists, and each list has 10 parametres. I want to set the parameters that you find at the position j of all the lists to get the same value. I don't know how.

Why 10 lists?

Why 10 items in each list?

Should this be a table?

I want all 10 lists at the position 1,2, 4, to have that exact value.

You have one list (of lists), with each sublist containing 10 items.

Given j is the 10th item, use length of list to return each item from each sublist.

or have you just moved the goalposts?

Can you please show me how please.

Yes, 1 list of 10 lists and each sublist contains 10 items. I want the moment I send a value, all of them at the same position to get that value.
Length of list like this? But this will check the sublist not the item at the position j

I don't want to add items to my list. I want to replace the item with the value I give. I have 10 sublists containing 10 parameters.

Instead of doing this 10 times for every sublists, I want to do it 1 time.

Like for every i from 1 to 10
for every j for 1 to 10
set the position at this value.
but I don't know how to do it.

Which is exactly what I have done :slight_smile:

Did you try it ?

So how can I put get Global User at the position 1 for all 10 sublists, and Get global SN at the postion 2 for all sublists and get Clock at the position 4 for all sublists?

I hope as I was clear about my problem?

This ?

Yes It works thank you so much. I have another question please, now I need to go to the other screen and call all my data. I programmed this and it works but it's so tiring to do it 10 times because I have 10 buttons. I don't know if there is a short cut to set all the labels with the appropriate values. So if there is please let me know.
And also I want after I click the button, the data ( label User11, label SN11.... All the ten labels) to still be shown on the screen, I don't know how.

I want all of this, even when I leave the screen it stays on the visible on the screen. This button is one example I have 10 buttons like like this.

Yes, this is a great learning experience...
There is some kind of rule... it is called DRY - Don't repeat yourself...

This is why @ABG asked earlier

Do you like to elaborate?

For example you could store all your data in a file, also called table in csv format and read it on first run of the app

And in the end you would need only a fraction of the blocks you are currently using


Store my data in a file? which means I can't access it via my app?

We have a file component to read files