Listpicker title is not showing on screen

Hi, I'm using a Listpicker which I activated the title to show, and use to work, but now is not showing anymore.

When there was the Device Theme option, depending on what you pick, it works or not, but now there is no Device Theme option, so I don't know what to do.

Could anybody help me?


If you are looking for the Theme property, it has been moved to a new Project Properties dialog box rather than being mixed in with the other screen related properties. You can open the dialog either by going to Project > Project Properties or by using the Project Properties button on the designer toolbar next to the remove screen button.

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Thank you for your responses, but clearly I couldn't explained me properly.

My problem is that the listpicker is not showing the title, even when it's marked, and the last time I had this problem, I solved it by changing the theme property, but now I changed it and that didn't solve the problem.

My problem is not with the theme property, but with listpicker that does not show the title.

The image below has a title: "Select your limit" and is not visible.

I checked Classic and Device Default in MemuPlay, and Device Default showed the List Picker Title atop the Elements list. Classic didn't.

list_picker.aia (1.1 KB)

List Picker Title Missing Classic

P.S. I had to update my Companion to 2.69u to get the Device Default List Picker Title to show.

List Picker Title Missing Device Default

Oddly, the Classic Theme's List Picker Title worked when I built the test app:
List Picker Title Missing Classic Built

Thank you @ABG , I usually scan QR code to test my apps, instead of companion, but I test the .apk in NoxPlayer (btw, I'll try MemuPlay, thanks for the tip), and still don't show the title; the showfilterbar option, shows different.

Here are the images of the way it works before yesterday:

And here the images from Nox, now:

What do you think?

The bug has been reported.

In the meantime, you could try as a workaround replacing the List Picker with a Button and invisible/visible Vertical Arrangement holding a Label and ListView.

Excelent, thank you very much for your support and advice.


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